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Guys I think Luca went into a coma last night!

December 10th, 1998

This is so not chill! I was just at a rave last night in this warehouse in Denver and just a little into his set, he just threw up and collapsed! It was all wack! Totally killed the vibe and the whole thing got shut down once the ambulance showed up, but I'm so bummed out! :(

I was totally hanging with him at his crib before the function and it was cool, but before we headed out I think he put some Georgia Home Boy in his water bottle and started sipping it. After that he was really trippin and acting a fool. I guess he just put too much in his water bottle and drank the whole thing before he went on. This afternoon I called his manager, but he said Luca was still asleep. Honestly, I think I'm outtie with this page. Not really sure what I can post on this page anymore if my fave DJ is down for the count. I feel bad that Luca overdid it, but he was wrong for that for real.

Sorry y'all, but I'm going to update you guys for sure once Luca wakes up. Peace out!

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